Saturday, June 5, 2010

NO NO NO It's the Republicans that are the anti semites

It's the fundamentalist Christians that hate the Jews.

Republican Christians like:
Hillary Clinton kissing Arafat's wife. (By the way Arafat should be rotting in hell about now)
Jimmy Carter who has three books on Usama Bin Ladden's reading list.
Or. Rev. Wright from Chicago who we have heard nothing but love coming from in regards to God's chosen people.
And On and On.
When will this foolish nation wake up to the fact that your lord and savior Barrak Hussein Obama is nothing more that an empty suit who doesn't particularly like the Jews? Let see what happens next week when another "peace" flotilla approaches Gaza.

On the campaign trail Mr. Judgment told us he would support Israel.

We'll See.

Drop dead you shriveled old bitch.