Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sheila Jackson Lee Caught Lying Again

While appearing on MSNBC's NewsNation, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat once dubbed the "Congressional boss from hell," falsely claimed Republicans cut funds for the NIH and the CDC, according to a video posted to Grabien on. As was reported, House Republicans actually gave the agency more money than Obama requested earlier this year, but Jackson Lee and her fellow Democrats have apparently decided not to tell Americans the truth about the issue.

"I make the argument that the Centers for Disease Control, that they are the vital organ of this health infrastructure, and doctor — the head of it, Dr. Frieden has been a very good leader," she said. "But what I am concerned about and really frustrated is that we didn’t take this initial encounter in Dallas at the level that it should have been."

"The county officials have been excellent, but the infrastructure of the Texas Presbyterian and understanding what was happening to Mr. Duncan, did not translate to those front liners, those nurses and techs and others, and that is unfair to them," she added. "So I’m very frustrated with that. I will also say that CDC suffers from the continued gridlock in Washington and Republicans not funding fully. Even though the fight against Ebola is bipartisan, CDC has suffered in its funding along with NIH. If we ever get called back to Washington early that’s what we should be called back for, and I would certainly join to do that. We need those resources."

In short, Jackson Lee echoed the false claim made by an offensive Democratic Party ad intended to stoke hate and fear against Republicans. The claim made by the ad is so outrageous the Washington Post's fact checker gave it "four Pinocchos," the lowest rating possible.

"On many levels," Glenn Kessler said, the line of attack being used by Democrats "is absurd." Kessler noted that Congress gave the agency more than Obama requested, but some was taken back by sequestration -- an idea that came out of the Obama White House. Additionally, there was never a vote specifically aimed at Ebola research as the ad suggests. In short, the ad is patently false. And so is the claim by Democrats like Sheila Jackson Lee.