Saturday, December 1, 2012

Valerie Jarrett Heckled

Are they starting to turn on their own? SF

Top adviser to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, was heckled at a speech yesterday to grassroots organizers by a "climate activist."

"White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett was heckled during a speech on Friday by an activist demanding that President Barack Obama do more to address climate change," reports the Huffington Post

"Jarrett was about two-thirds of the way into her speech at RootsCamp, a conference for grassroots organizers being held in Washington, D.C., when Brad Johnson, campaign manager of Forecast the Facts and former editor of Think Progress Green, stood up and interrupted her."

The liberal website reports that the Secret Service began to move toward the heckler before being waved off by Jarrett. The adviser to Obama reportedly has her own Secret Service detail.

After the speech, Jarrett spoke with the heckler and "told him the White House would be willing to speak more with him about climate change."
"I stood up and asked Valerie Jarrett to have the president speak about the reality of climate change," the activist told the Huffington Post. "This nation is facing a fundamental threat to its existence, and the people of New York and people all across America are already suffering the effects, the consequences of carbon pollution, and the president has been silent on that threat and is promoting an agenda of increased dependence on fossil fuels. Even with the aftermath of Sandy, the president has still been silent on the reality of this threat, and that silence needs to end."

Courtesy: The Huffington Post