Thursday, January 30, 2014

Maybe Obama isn't so Smart after all

It all kind of started to fall apart when he said “… no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” That was of course after he committed more than $800 billion to government expenditures that would supposedly stimulate the private economy after the 2008 financial crunch. The fact that President Obama was so blindly ignorant about what it takes to get any construction project done in this country -- with the burdensome laws in place -- was foretelling of the avalanche of examples deflating the moniker foisted upon us that our latest and greatest President was “our smartest President.”

Recently we were promised certain things by incoming administrations. Bill Clinton promised the most “ethical administration,” and we all know that lasted about three minutes give or take a few seconds. Obama promised us and then continued telling us “We are the most transparent and ethical administration in history.” We can say no one has gotten shot as happened in the Clinton Administration, but certainly this is the least transparent administration since William Henry Harrison. Even his allies complain about not having access to info. The press corps photographers have been cut out of participating in photo sessions and then are promised by press secretary Jay Carney that the White House is working on it. But the boast of Obama being “Our Smartest President” was endorsed by Obama’s followers and embraced by the Obamas.

The question of the President’s aptitude revolves principally around operation of the government. It would be different if he were anti-government, wanting to slash and burn operations. One would think that he would know about how government operates and then proceed to speak intelligently about how it does. He often seems befuddled. 

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