Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Democrat Senator Telling the Truth about ObamaCare and ObamaFail

According to a column from a UK PAPER, (since no one in the mainstream media here would dare to criticize Dear Leader in such a manner), former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey would like everyone to know the truth about Obama.

Kerrey said that Obama simply isn't up to the job of "bringing liberals and conservatives to the table to rescue America's slowly choking entitlement programs."

And that was just for starters. Kerrey also said that Obama "had to know he was misleading the audience" during his push for Obamacare.  He said the White House clearly understood the numbers, and that Republicans did a bad job of explaining the Democratic strategy.  (No surprise there - this is why we're always complaining about how much the GOP sucks at messaging.)  Republicans should have said, "Hey - young people - you know why Obama wants you to sign up for healthcare insurance so bad?  Because in all likelihood, you won't need it, which means you'll be paying for everyone else's claims."

Because that's the truth. Obama doesn't care about young people.  He just cares about their votes.  This is why he's Between Two Ferns and best pals with Jay-Z.

Kerrey didn't stop there.  He said that the worst lie Democrats told about Obamacare is that "everybody deserves high quality, affordable healthcare."  He said, "Excuse me? Uh - I don't know if you've heard about the bell curve? If I've got 1000 doctors, 100 are great, and 100 are not so good.  It's impossible! And affordable?  Forget about it."

Kerrey also said that one of Obama's biggest mistakes was pushing Obamacare at ALL when the country was still so economically fragile.  He said, "I wouldn't have done health care.  I think the big mistake was to say, 'Whew! We've got the stimulus done, okay, the economy's going to come bouncing back in 12 months - let's do healthecare.'  Only the economy didn't come bouncing back. We're teetering on the edge of going out of business through most of 2009, and I think you need to just keep driving, driving, driving on the economy, and make it as bipartisan as possible."

Yeah.  Obama basically did the exact opposite of that, which is why our economy still sucks monkeyballs.  (Sidenote to hypersensitive liberals:  If you think "monkeyballs" is racist in that context, it's because YOU ARE RACIST.)