Saturday, July 12, 2014

NC Puppy Mill Dogs Need your help ASAP

As animal advocates, we have been more than patient with the current NC Senate on puppy mill legislation for many years.  We have waited patiently this time because we were assured the NC Senate would do the right thing since more than 90% of the people in NC want this legislation. Our own Senator Bill Rabon has fought this legislation for very obvious reasons.  

Campaign donations to him come from groups who fear the word “humane”.  They fear that if dogs are protected, something might be done to the pig and chicken industry.  They fear that the ag – gag bill might not be passed.  That would mean that is would be against the law for someone to report abuse, but remember the abuse could come from the chicken farmers, pig farmers OR EVEN YOUR NURSING HOMES, HOSPITALS OR EVEN DAY CARES.  Do you want it against the law for a person to report horrific abuse of anything or anyone? Do you want the media to be restricted in what they are allowed to report to us?

Now, the NC Senate has slammed another door on puppy mill legislation for NC.   The NC House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved this legislation to move puppy mills from AGRICULTURE TO PUBLIC SERVICE.  Are puppies agriculture to you?  That means puppies are to be treated as horrifically as are pigs, chickens and cows in NC slaughter houses.

IF THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE, YOU MUST SPEAK UP NOW!  You must speak up for the thousands of dogs living in cages, in horrific conditions because they cannot speak for themselves.

PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TODAY TO SEND EMAILS TO the NC Senators listed below.  Not just our own Senator Bill Rabon because he has already told us he does not read our emails.  He does not care what we think.  After all, we are just voters and taxpayers!  Send the emails to all the NC Senate.   Maybe one of them WILL care what we, the taxpayers and voters think. The Senators listed below are the Senators who fight this legislation.  It is critical that they hear from you NOW.



The initial decision by the Senate to protect dogs and puppies was NOT to move forward with the transfer.  The deliberations are continuing and the NC House of Representatives needs our help to convince the Senate this is the right thing to do.   The list of Senators below are the Senators that are “CONFEREES” on the 2014 Budget.  THEY MAKE THE DECISION TO REGULATE COMMERCIAL BREEDERS IN NC.

Email the list below and ask:  Please transfer the Animal Welfare Section to the Department of Public Safety and allow them to regulate commercial dog breeders.

It is that simple.  Please include the county that you live in and let them know that you vote!  Tell them this is an important issue to NC and to you personally.