Saturday, June 20, 2015

CNN Uses Tragedy as a Political Weapon

Under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, we have all witnessed CNN turn into The PornTragedy Network, a ghoulish reality show channel that grabs hold of human disasters and milks them dry.

That’s bad enough, but CNN goes even further. If you are paying attention, you will see that every tragedy is also exploited by CNN into a political weapon to be used against their enemies on the Right.
Even before Zucker, when more than a dozen children were massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary, CNN went all in on gun control. Not because any gun control law ever proposed would have stopped this mass murder; not because gun control had anything to do with a sick, twisted, evil young man gunning down a bunch of school children. No, CNN’s approach here is purely partisan…
CNN used a pile of dead elementary schoolchildren — not to find a solution to ensure such an abomination never happens again — but as a way to put Republicans, gun-lovers, the NRA, and everyone else CNN hates on automatic defense.
Instead of addressing mental health issues, how gun-free zones attract mass-shooters, asking why in God’s name we leave our children unguarded, or merely waiting for the facts, CNN brings up guns.
After the Zucker era began, CNN did the same with Trayvon Martin in a major way. A black teenager is shot in self defense by a Hispanic male. Immediately, CNN is attacking Stand Your Ground laws — which, again, didn’t have anything to do with anything involved in the shooting. Stand Your Ground wasn’t even part of Zimmerman’s defense.
But by manufacturing a narrative around Stand Your Ground, CNN could bring Republicans and conservatives into the studio to berate them and put them in a rhetorical box — you either oppose Stand Your Ground or YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE.
CNN was able to bring race into the Trayvon Martin shooting by lying about George Zimmerman’s race. Instead of reporting Zimmerman is Hispanic, CNN dishonestly (and intentionally) described him as white.
Within minutes of the Amtrak derailment, CNN was feasting on the dead over the issue of infrastructure. Not only did CNN refuse once again to wait for the facts, in the end, we discovered that infrastructure didn’t have anything to do with anything. Amtrak had all the safety equipment necessary. It was bureaucracy that stopped it from getting installed on time.
Once that became known, CNN dropped the Amtrak story.
Even though some CNN obsessive news coverage about ineffectual government bureaucracy might save lives, those lives aren’t important enough to CNN for them to question the effectiveness of the bloated federal government.
Regardless, for at least a couple of days CNN was able to jiu jitsu the dead bodies of a tragic train crash into an attack against the Right by screaming INFRASTRUCTURE. Either you agreed with CNN that untold billions needed to be immediately spent by our bloated federal government on infrastructure or you wanted people to die in train accidents.
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