Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 10 Dumbest Ways the Government Wasted Your Money

It's back! As someone who greatly enjoys a little bit of humor and zest mixed in with economic figures, I look forward to the release of the Waste Book (link opens PDF), an annual summary of 100 ways the U.S. government is wasting taxpayer money, which is compiled by Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn and his political team.
Before you assume that politics are playing into this, let me assure you: I have a completely unbiased approach to pointing out the egregious uses of taxpayer and shareholderdollars, as I've made apparent by my weekly CEO Gaffesseries, my year-end worst CEO complication, and by looking at Sen. Coburn's Waste Book in 2011.
This year's version of Waste Book covers 100 purported wastes of taxpayer money totaling north of $18 billion. While this is but a blip compared to a $16 trillion deficit, it's nonetheless a questionable use of your tax dollars.
Therefore, I want to once again highlight 10 of the dumbest ways in which the U.S. government wasted your taxpayer dollars in 2012.
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