Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MSNBC Continues to Push 'Nothing to See Here' Narrative About Libya Debacle

By Matt Vespa

  In the October 1 broadcast of NewsNation with Tamron Hall, a segment featuring former State Department Middle East officer Joel Rubin focused on how the Romney campaign was “trying to put all of these things in a big pot hoping that something picks up steam” concerning President Obama’s foreign policy. Yep, it’s still the same game with some in the media – which is to trivialize what can hurt the president to prevent it from becoming news.
Rubin said of Romney and his team that they were throwing a lot of things “against the wall” and seeing what “sticks.”   Rubin continued by saying that the politicization of Ambassador Steven’s death is a travesty.  And the president skipping out on intelligence briefings isn’t?  While he did say that the matter of the threat assessment is a “fair question,” Rubin also noted that Ambassador Stevens received the same briefings and knew the risks involved being stationed there.  It was a rather crude way of trivializing the president’s role in not preventing this terrorist attack.

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